Cau Dat Honey Arabica Coffee

Cau Dat Honey Arabica Coffee

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  • Published date: 02/03/2020

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Specification: 340g pack
20 packs / carton

Cau Dat Arabica Coffee scrumptious

With the ideal terrain in all aspects for the famous Arabica coffee varieties to develop, from suitable latitude to lofty elevation in the Lam Vien plateau above 1600m above sea level, with a bit of sunshine during the day and dew falling with the night,it seems that nature has confirmed the authenticity of Cau Dat Coffee with an ecstatic aroma, a sweet and sweet taste that leaves the aftertaste to satisfy the most discerning diners.

Arabica Coffee Cau Dat - Dalat is not only a famous coffee in Vietnam, most professional roasters are known for its quality not inferior to any delicious coffee in the world.

Try once to know that if you know the right method with the motto of seriousness, strict quality control from Farmers, Vietnamese coffee is not inferior to anyone.

This type of coffee is suitable for most people, from old coffee drinkers to new drinkers. This type of coffee should be hot and should not be taken with ice.

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